Ciao Amore Decorative Type Kit

Ciao Amore Decorative Type Kit


Are you ready for the most glorious, decorative type kit EVER! Okay, maybe not ever, but I've seriously been perfecting this baby for a while, I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty cool. 😉 Now you can use this delicate lettering kit to design gorgeous typography, floral designs, packaging, greeting cards, logos and TONS more - all with with a unique, decorative flair! With over 200 hand-drawn elements, 3 versatile fonts, and a set of acrylic Photoshop Styles, the sky's the limit on design and color! So don't be shy, this kit wants you too. 😉



  • Ciao Amore Solid (OTF & TTF) - A beefy, hand-drawn sans serif typeface, with imperfect edges and plenty of hand-lettered charm.
  • Ciao Amore Decorative (OTF & TTF) - A decorative, hand-drawn version with spurred ends for a casual, yet modern feel.
  • Ciao Amore Decorative Filigree (OTF & TTF) - It's Ciao Amore Decorative with some subtle, internal filigree. Just in case you want to spice up your type!
  • Over 200 hand-drawn floral and decorative graphic elements, so you can really make your lettering projects POP! (AI, EPS and PSD Files Included. NO PNGS).
  • 4 Editable Logo Templates (AI, EPS & PSD).

  • 4 Ready-Made Floral Bouquets (AI, EPS & PSD)

  • 24 Hand-Painted Styles for PHOTOSHOP (ASL) (Video instruction link included).

Important Stuff (Definitely read me!):

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HAVE PRIOR PHOTOSHOP EXPERIENCE BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. This pack isn't crazy-advanced, but it DOES require basic Photoshop knowledge. Specifically: PS Layers, Styles and Smart Objects. It's also NOT compatible with PS Elements because I had to use groups and folders to keep things organized, so please keep that in mind before you buy. 😀
  • Please note that these fonts are NOT smooth. They were all hand-drawn, so they have subtle, textured edges to mimic hand-lettering. I'm not sure how well these will do in Cricut and Silhouette, but you're welcome to give it a shot and report back. 😉
  • To manipulate the graphics and logos, you'll need Photoshop CS4 or newer. All images are SmartObjects, so if you also have Illustrator, you can double click on the Object, and the original vector will open in AI for editing. Pretty cool, eh?
  • I DID include all the original vector files too, so you CAN use the fonts and graphics in Illustrator and Inkscape, but you just won't be able to use the Photoshop Styles. (Note: I did include a few swatches for illustration purposes, but I'm not crazy how raster images work in Illustrator, so I wouldn't recommend using them).

Okay, that's it! If you have any questions, as always, please give me a shout! I'm happy to help! Can't wait to see what you guys make!


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