Ballpoint Pen Brushes | For Procreate + Source Textures

Ballpoint Pen Brushes | For Procreate + Source Textures


••••• REQUIREMENTS: iPad Pro, Procreate App & Apple Pencil (or Compatible Stylus) •••••

Ballpoint signature fonts are so HOT right now, so I’ve lovingly created 4 trendy ballpoint pens for Procreate on iPad Pro.

These babies come in 4 styles and are streamlined to make your letting easy peasy.


  • Signature Pen Smooth

  • Signature Pen Dry

  • Signature Pen Jagged

  • Signature Pen Dry & Jagged

  • 12 Hand Painted Source Textures - These are so you can play with your pen tips, swap out textures and create new brushes! To change the Source, just airdrop (Mac) or email the source files to your iPad pro. Once in your Photostream, open Procreate and navigate to your brush panel. Now duplicate a pen you’d like to play with (swipe left on your pen to make a copy). Then click on the pen to open the Properties. Now tap on the Source at the bottom of the flyout menu. Now tap on Insert Photo. Select one of your new brush sources and Boom! Now you can tweak and play to customize your own brush!

  • Handy Installation Guide

Use these brushes for lettering, font making, custom logos and more!

If you have any questions, just give me a shout!

Happy designing!


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