With the MakeMediaCo. Standard License you can use fonts in an unlimited number of commercial or personal projects, but you MUST “create something new.” Meaning that, you can design logos, branding, invitations, newsletters, apparel, signage, etc, but you wouldn’t be able to resell the expanded lettering in an embroidery kit, or as .png files. As a sole license holder, you are also not permitted to resell or repackage the fonts themselves, or give them to print companies for installation/use. Do not repackage in media kits, embed, use in apps or games, or use as web-fonts without purchasing Extended Licensing. Contact for pricing details.


With the MakeMediaCo. Standard License, you can use any Graphic Product for a commercial end product (up to 1,000 printed units). Q: What’s a commercial end product? A: Any completed design that will be printed on a number of goods. Example: You design a logo using a MMCo. graphic. You can now use that logo on Greeting Cards, mugs, totes, etc. (Up to 1,000 printed units). But what about the other items in the pack? Great question, you can use each graphic ONCE in a commercial work. Each completed design can be printed up to 1,000 times. Q: But what if I want to use the same graphic twice in different design? A: Simply purchase another license.


With the MakeMediaCo. Standard License, you can use any brush (AI, PS or Procreate) for an unlimited number of projects. These are considered “design tools,” and there are no restrictions on printing. Just don’t resell or share brushes as your own work.