DAY 7: Instafeedmakeover

Day 7 of the #instafeedmakeover is “How does your product impact others?” This one’s tricky. The vast majority of people will simply buy a product and disappear, so there’s no real way to know if your work fits the bill. I mean, I get support requests all the time, and a “thank you” generally follows after I fix an issue, but that’s DEFINITELY not the same as a good ‘ol fashioned, pat on the back, ya know?! 😜👍🏼

But every once in a while, a message like this lands in my inbox and I get all the feels. 💕 (This came yesterday while I was brainstorming for this post. No kidding.):

"Hi Callie,
“Just bought it in the big bundle - LOVE, love, love it! I already had a few of them,
but there’s plenty of new ones to love! Keep up the awesome work!!! Have a great weekend.”

Awwww, right?! 💕 I do this job because I love it. It’s that simple. I feel like being creative simply gives me purpose, and I’m thankful every day for how the last 4 years have unfolded. So when buyers take the time to shoot me a message about how useful a product is, or how beautifully their work turned out, it validates all the late nights, tedious hours of kerning and endless font testing.

This job is a labor of love, so I genuinely hope that people find as much joy in using my work, as I do in creating it. 💕

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