DAY 5: Instafeedmakeover

Day 5 of the #instafeedmakeover is “Your lifestyle in a post.” This one makes me laugh. 😆
If you know me at all, you probably already know how I roll: Coffee, yoga pants or jeans, dry shampoo, mascara, iPad Pro, a cold La Croix, a car full of sports equipment, and a kid in the backseat. Oh, and I work a little too. 😜

My house is not quiet, but it’s relatively clean. (My OCD won’t allow a dirty floor). I moved 5 months ago, but still haven’t unpacked my office. I rarely cook. I love movies. If I start something, I finish it. Even if it’s a year later (Hence, the office). I hate grape-flavored anything, and putting nuts in desserts should be considered a crime. I love a good deal. If I ever become a millionaire, I guarantee, I’ll still clip coupons. I love my family. My little boy is my greatest achievement. He goes full-throttle from dawn ’til dusk, but loves to cuddle before bed, and it melts my heart. 💕

Honestly, my lifestyle is pretty simple. Get up. Caffeinate. Make a living. Get through the day. Love on your family. Rinse and repeat. I really can't ask for much more. #soblessed 😊