DAY 3: Instafeedmakeover

Day 3 of the #instafeedmakeover is “Your Day-to-Day in a Nutshell.” 😀

I figured it would be fun to do a little lettering on this morning’s coffee cup to show what my days are like. 👍🏼☕️ Would you believe that since May, I’m only able to spend about 5-10% of the day working?! Ugh, it actually pains me to do the math on that, but my family comes first, and they demand far more attention that any font could ever require.

I’m a mom to a highly-energetic five-year-old, who plays soccer, t-ball, hockey, golf and also takes swim lessons. I mean, what? 😳 That even sounds ridiculous to me, but whenever I suggest cutting an activity, he says something like, “Maybe I should take karate too.” This kid…😜 So, lately my day starts with coffee (obviously), then ‘mom stuff,’ like driving my kid to a practice or game, then maybe a playdate, lunch at Chick-fil-A, a few errands, doing a load of never-ending laundry, magically coming up with something edible for dinner, maybe squeezing in a shower, and then emails and work at roughly 9:30pm. Work until midnight. Do it all again tomorrow. 💪🏼😜


When my husband’s home from work, I can devote larger chunks of time to font design, but there’s not much consistency to our schedules. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to just have a 9-5pm, but that would eliminate so much chaos…and what’s the fun in that?! 😂

Today’s template is from's, Oslo collection. Grab his templates on @creativemarket and use the code in my profile for 15% OFF!!