about Callie & (MMco.)

I'm Callie Hegstrom, the designer/mom/lettering artist behind the Make Media Company.

You may have seen my work in brands like Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping or Bath and Body Works. Or on bestsellers like, The Magic of Motherhood. It still makes me giddy when I spot my type in public. ;)

With a background in Graphic Design and a love for photography and illustration, I managed to turn my passion into a full-time gig. Now I spend my days developing fonts, creating vector art, painting, and hand-lettering pretty much anything that inspires me.

To get your hands on a MMCo. font, visit the shop here, Creative Market, FontBrothers or FontSpring.

When I'm not lettering, you can generally find me sipping coffee in yoga pants, baking something sweet, or enjoying time with my husband and darling little boy.

Please hang out for a while and check out the goods. And if you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout.